Core Beliefs

Emerge Your Authentic Self and Align With Spirit to Fulfill Your Soul's Purpose!

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The Symbolism of Our Sigil

Except the keys, all elements are in the center symbolizing the Authentic Self is centered and grounded. Since we strive to become the Authentic Self, Evermoving We Rise Temple is constantly grounded and centered. Silver represents the Goddess, and our connection with all things including the Higher Self and the Divine. The circle absorbs everything, showing our obsession with the Authentic Self, living our Soul’s purpose and passion, and being in alignment with Spirit.


The keys symbolize opportunities for the Authentic Self to emerge, grow, and serve Soul’s purpose with passion as it is in alignment with Spirit. The keys are on the opposite sides of the Goddess to show that the Divine provides opportunities, and those opportunities are constantly surrounding us.

The Phoenix shows that the Authentic Self must burn, rise up, and emerge from the ashes of the Condition Self.  Each color represents the following: Purple (Spirit), Red (Passion), Orange (Positivity), and Yellow (Never Ending Learning).

The Moon Goddess represents the Divine. She is reaching for the Moon and Stars to connect with the Higher Self, the Divine portion of our Souls, and Spirit.


The orbits represent the Soul. The Soul is moving upward connecting with the Higher Self and the Divine.


The color black symbolizes the beginning and the ending. It reminds us that we are always in the cycle of Life, Death, and Transformation.

Awareness, Individualism, 
Evolving, and Searching For Deep Answers so the Authentic Self Can Emerge!

Our Beliefs and Membership

We are a collection of individuals, each on the same and yet different path of our Soul’s ever evolving journey. As such, we are respectful of each person’s manner of Spiritual expression. Tradition implies being stuck or unable to move. We prefer the word path, as that word implies movement.

Our Path is based upon the idea that inner truth is universal in nature, and that inner truth is expressed through many outer forms. We teach Deity comes to each person in a manner that is best understood for the individual, and which is unique to her/him/them.

Everything is constantly growing and evolving. We believe each one of us is Soul, which is the greatest gift Deity can give. As such, we each possess Deity within us. We believe in magic and the powers of the Soul, accessible through effort by our conscious mind. Magic is a tool that helps us to better understand our lives, promote spiritual growth, and fulfill our increasing innate potential. We know and understand we begin each life with the Condition Self in charge. We must constantly work on emerging our Authentic Selves so we can continue with our Soul’s journey, and be in alignment with Deity and Spirit. Our Authentic Selves are our own Soul’s individual power. As our Authentic Selves walk Mother Earth, we are able to be in beneficial service to others and ourselves so we can create and design this world to be better than it was when we first arrived.

Our beliefs allow us freedom to decide your own path. We believe education can assist us in obtaining knowledge, understanding, and personal growth. As such, we offer the option of our Degree programs can be taken for information and knowledge only, or you can become a member of Clergy at the end of the Degree program.  



According to Evermoving We Rise's Constitution Section 1.10. We welcome anyone who is willing to (1) possess an open mind, (2) willing to learn our ways, methods, and techniques, (3) aims to provide the best guidance possible, and (4) actively emerging their Authentic Self.

We are currently accepting members. If interested, please completely fill out a membership application. Any application that is not completely filled out (including the complete address) will not be considered. This is followed by a getting to know you conversation. If accepted, you will be send our Temple's Constitution for which you must read, agree to abide by, sign your name, and date it. There is an annual non-refundable membership fee of $25.


Why a membership fee? The membership fee goes to the Temple expenses, events, classes, etc.  A membership fee is an investment in the Temple itself, its members, its community, and you. We expect our members to be proud of their Temple, and invest in it. 

Once your application has been approved you will be invited to the various Evermoving We Rise Temple groups.

Membership Application
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1) What is your magickal background? Please be as detailed and specific as possible.
2) In your own words, what is the Condition Self and Authentic Self?
3) Why do you want to join Evermoving We Rise? What do you have to contribute to our organization?
4) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now with our organization? What can we do to help you to emerge your Authentic Self?
By submitting this form, you agree to pay an annual non-refundable membership fee of $25 if accepted into our organization. If accepted, we will invoice you. 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch!